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Countrywide Forklift Trucks in Southampton

Southampton : Forklift Trucks


Countrywide Forklift Trucks Ltd










In Dec 2019 we moved to our new 4x the size premises and currently have over 50 machines in stock LPG/Diesel/Electric & Rough Terrain!

We can now also offer accredited forklift operator training schemes from our dedicated training centre & classroom facilities.




02380 221869


We pride ourselves on providing good value forklift trucks, and are proud of the fact that our customers often come back to update their trucks through us. And also take the time to recommend us to other companies.



Competitively priced forklifts are always available with prices starting from £1250.00

Here is a sample of the types of fork trucks available:

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Services and products we  can supply:

Used forklifts
Refurbished forklifts
Diesel forklifts
Electric forklifts
Gas Forklifts
Rough terrain forklifts
Second hand forklifts
Cheap forklifts
Reconditioned forklifts

Quality fork lifts supplied from:-



In many cases we can offer a Delivery Service, (within 24 Hours of placement of order), depending on location. Please ask for more details.



All National Areas Covered.




We provide a professional, friendly and first class service to all our customers, and we look forward to hearing from you.



0800 121 4687






Telephone: 02380 221869
Mob: 07748 152931
Workshop: 07880 948754

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Examples of Forklifts available:




We look forward to hearing from you.




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Countrywide Forklift Trucks
Unit V1,Willments Ind Estate  
Hazel Road  
SO19 7HS  

Tel: 0800 121 4687  
Mob: 07748 152931  

Countrywide Forklift Trucks
Forklift Trucks

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