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Zoe Jewellery in Winchester

Winchester : Jewellers





Zoe Jewellers






147 High Street  Winchester Hampshire SO23 9AY


We are an Independent jewellers on Winchester's High Street. At Zoe Jewellers we specialise in secondhand and antique gold and silver.

We also sell new gold and silver featuring the brands: Dew by Kit Heath, Heritage by Kit Heath, Hot Diamonds, Insignia and D for Diamonds.

We also stock a wide range of semi-precious gemstones in silver as well as a large selection of pearls.


New range in for your special one!
leather and stainless steel bracelets
at affordable prices.

Also for Gentlemen.

Another brand we feature is the men's jewellery brand Fredbennet, which ranges from pieces in leather, stainless steel and silver. Another aspect of our wide slection of stock is our large range of christening gifts and jewellery boxes. We also sell a wide range of watches from the brand Timex.


New and Second Hand,

and Antique

Gold and Silver.



01962 850922



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Zoe Jewellery
147 High Street  
SO23 9AY  

Tel: 01962 850922  

Zoe Jewellery

Zoe Jewellery
Opening Hours

Mon: 09:30 - 17:00
Tue: 09:30 - 17:00
Wed: 09:30 - 17:00
Thu: 09:30 - 17:00
Fri: 09:30 - 17:00
Sat: 09:30 - 17:00
Sun: 10.30-16.00
Sunday opening April 12th- End December only


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