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Regime Barbers in Winchester

Winchester : Gents Barbers

Regime Barbers




01962 809699



Discover Our Barbers !


We're a traditional barbershop in the heart of Winchester City Centre.

We have created a shop with a vibrant atmosphere, incorporating WIFI for customer use, and Sky Sports HD for the enjoyment of all whilst they wait.


From traditional barbering to modern trends, we pride ourselves in offering great customer service with all our team focused on continuing to develop their skills and raising the standards of barbering.

We have a very experienced and talented range of barbers for all of your grooming needs.

Christmas Opening Hours :





Every guy needs to find that hairstyle or haircut that suits him to make him look clean and handsome.  One of the things that make a great difference between a guy that looks attractive and presentable and one that does is the hair. Finding the right hairstyle or haircut is really important for a sharp look.!

If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to use the Website Link below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Regime Barbers
12 Saint Georges Street  
SO23 8BG  

Tel: 01962 809699  

Regime Barbers
Gents Barbers

Regime Barbers
Opening Hours

Mon: 9-00an-5-30pm
Tue: 9-00an-5-30pm
Wed: 9-00an-5-30pm
Thu: 10-00am-6-30pm
Fri: 9-00an-5-30pm
Sat: 7-30am-2-30pm
Sun: Closed


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