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GASWORKS Winchester in Winchester

Winchester : Gas Applainces



The Souths Leading

Family-Run Gas Company


01962 877735





Gasworks employs the country's leading companies to supply its needs for installations and repairs


Services we provide include

Hot Water:

We sell and specialise in the maintenance of multi-point water heaters and sink heaters. We sell Gledhill High Efficiency hot water cylinders and can convert your system to a high pressure hot water installation. We also supply and fit immersion heaters and storage tanks.



We speacialise in Power Showers with our favourites being Mira and Aqualisia. We install electric showers, pumped showers, or showers that work off high pressure water systems. Why not add one at the same time as you improve your central heating installation?



Fitting the correct controls to your system is the biggest money-saving edition you can make, whether it be the thermostatic radiators valves, cylinder thermostat, or central heating parameters. We install all controls and are able to bring your system up to a modern efficient standard.



We sell all types of radiators, conventional singles and doubles, and designer panel radiators, and traditional cast iron, chrome towel rails as well as many other types incurring fanned convectors. All installations requirements are catered for, and all radiators are professionally "sized" before fitting.


Central Heating Systems
Solar Heating
Fires and Surrounds
Plumbing Spares, and Repairs


Fast, Friendly Professional Service Guaranteed

Free No Obligation Quotations Available.




If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to use the Website Link below.





Tel: 01962 877735


We Look Forward To Hearing From You

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    GASWORKS Winchester
    SO22 6EW  

    Tel: 01962 877735  

    GASWORKS Winchester
    Gas Applainces

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    GASWORKS Winchester
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    Sun: Closed


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