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Airlynx Travel of Southampton England is an Independent Company established to provide superior Mini-Coaches for all transport requirements.


Currently we operate a fleet of mini-coaches that can accommodate up to 25 Clients with luggage. Our fleet consists of smart, modern, clean comfortable Mini and Midi coaches, all with fitted carpets, telephones and the latest vehicles are Air Conditioned. Our Uniformed Drivers are all experienced, fully qualified Passenger Carrying Vehicle, (PCV) Drivers.


Airlynx operate a fleet of clean, comfortable modern Mini-Coaches that can seat up to 25 Clients including luggage. As well as operating transfer services to all Major Airports, Heathrow, Gatwick etc. we also provide transport to London, theatres, Eurostar, ski parties, cruise liners, weddings, conferences, sporting events, shopping and sightseeing trips.


BOOKING OFFICE OPEN FROM  Mon - Sat 9.00am - 5.00pm


If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to use the Website Link below.




Tel: 023 80 399078


We look forward to hearing from you.


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Please tell Airlynx you found them on Niche Local, thank you.

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Oakley Road  
SO16 4LJ  

Tel: 023 80 399078  
Fax: 023 8077 7724   

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Mon: 9.00 - 5.00pm
Tue: 9.00 - 5.00pm
Wed: 9.00 - 5.00pm
Thu: 9.00 - 5.00pm
Fri: 9.00 - 5.00pm
Sat: 9.00 - 5.00pm


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