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Colin Thatcher in Winchester

Winchester : Mobile motor mechanic

Colin Thatcher

Mobile Mechanic

Why choose Colin Thatcher for your car repairs and servicing?

Colin has been in the motor trade since 1972 and has worked at main dealerships, fast fit (K... f..  who sacked him for telling customers the truth !!)and independent garages, with additional experience in recovery and breakdown.

Colin set up his business in 1986 after becoming disillusioned by the 'service' offered to customers by the garages he had worked for, which is why honesty, qualityand value at core of his business.


Joining Colin is his son Aaron, who brings with him over 20 years of experience in the motor trade. Having worked for main dealers, franchise garages as well as independents, there’s little Aaron hasn’t seen or worked on. Aaron will mainly be covering the Eastleigh and surrounding area.


Why not check out Colin's rates page and see how competitive he is.



Clear and honest pricing


 £40 p/h
Min labour charge (work carried out taking less than 15 mins)
 Call out mileage
MOT test (including checking over, collection and delivery of car)
Part Collection
 Mileage charged as above
Car valeting
Diagnostic testing 
 from £35.00**



*if there is extra work to be carried out after checking this will incur and additional charge.

** there will be a £28 surcharge should I be unable to diagnose the problem but have worked on the car for longer than 1hr.


Mechanical Services

Mechanical services available

  • General servicing 
    • full service
    • small service


  • Mechanical repairs to
    • steering
    • suspension
    • engine
    • brakes


  • MOT appointment includes 
    • pre MOT checks
    • carry out  small repairs following pre check
    • collection and delivery to and from the MOT test centre


unfortunately, Colin is unable to offer the following services

  • Major engine or gearbox repairs
  • Major electrical repairs
  • Tyre and exhaust repairs
  • Wheel alignment
  • Clutches
  • Also Colin does not provide an on the spot breakdown service ( because he will normally be working on pre-booked work )


Car valeting

Car valeting services available

   Includes  Price
 Standard Wash
  • Hand wash using wash and wax shampoo
  • Wash under wheel arches
  • Clean wheels and tyres
  • Chamois off body work
  • Vacuum interior

 Standard Valet



  • Hand wash using wash and wax shampoo
  • Wash under wheel arches
  • Chamois off body work
  • Hand polish of body work
  • Hand polish interior and exterior glass.
  • Clean and treat exterior vinyl
  • Clean wheels and dress tyres and mud flaps
  • Vacuum interior
  • Clean and treat interior vinyl
  • Check levels of oil and water
  • Check and correct tyre pressures

  • Full Valet from ....£90.00(Depending on condition...)
  • Dog hair/excessively dirty...POA


* based on service taking 1 hr, should the car require longer this will be charged at the same rate.

If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to contact us.

01962 774517



07860 589 836



07833 471 498





We look forward to hearing froward to hearing from you.

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Colin Thatcher
2 Stratton Close  
East Stratton  
SO21 3DX  

Tel: 01962 774517  
Tel 2: 07860 589836  

Colin Thatcher
Mobile motor mechanic

Colin Thatcher
Opening Hours

Mon: 8-30AM-5-000PM
Tue: 8-30AM-5-000PM
Wed: 8-30AM-5-000PM
Thu: 8-30AM-5-000PM
Fri: 8-30AM-5-000PM
Saturday mornings by previous arrangements

Colin Thatcher Website:

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