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Winchester Guttering Services in Winchester

Winchester : Home Improvements

Winchester Guttering Services

We specialise in the installation of high quality approved 

UPVC Fascias, Soffits, Guttering, Fall Pipes & Cladding;

all come with a colour fast guarantee!


The philosophy can be summed up with these words:




These words have given a commitment to provide the highest possible standards of customer service & support.



Our highly skilled tradesmen, together with our friendly & professional service, gives you, the homeowner,  peace of mind &  the confidence that you have made the right choice putting your home in our safe hands.



01962 706123




07899 680162




Winchester client wrote:

New roof....Jan 2017


Had a full roof replacement

Mike and his gang were absolutely brilliant.

Really competitive price and great customer service.

Always kept us in the loop from start to finish and since completion

we've been completely leak free!

Would recommend to everyone!

Very knowledgeable and professional.


26 Feb 2019...Client wrote:

Roger C (details on request)


Very satisfied with the outcome.



Rarely these day do you get service and value that Mike can provide. The work was re-pointing a high chimney and fixing some edge tiles.

Mike came round to provide an estimate as soon as he could.

The lead time to complete the work was minimal taking advantage of the fine weather.

The standard of work was highly professional and completed within two hours.

The cost was better than expectation and less than the two other quotes I had secured.

So all in all... very pleasing and of course

I would use Mike again !











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Winchester Guttering Services
Wayneflete Place  
SO22 4DA  

Tel: 01962 706123  
Mob: 07899 680162  

Winchester Guttering Services
Home Improvements

Winchester Guttering Services Website:

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