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Mary Crudgington in Winchester

Winchester : Epitaph

Mary Crudgington 







This listing is celebrating the life of 

...Mary Lousia Crudgington.

Born in 1923...the same year as the ‘Flying Scotsman’...

they both set off on their Life Journeys.

The ‘Steam Engine’ achieved World fame

...Mary started a Dynasty.



Mary was born in Alresford Hampshire, along with her parents William & Emily Wake.

They moved to Winchester to live and work for the ‘Ward’ family who had a department store in Winchester (Sherriff & Ward) now Debenhams.



Mary went to school in Winchester leaving at an early age to work in 'Domestic Service' ...a job she hated !!



When War came this was Mary's opportunity to leave her hated job in 'Domestic Service'.


As soon as she was old enough Mary did  her bit in the War effort by joining the 

  ‘Women’s Royal Air Force’ (WRAF)

at Old Sarum where she packed parachutes.



After the war she returned to Winchester to work at Woolworths on the Sweet counter...a job she loved (free sweets!!)

During this sweet period she meet and fell in love with Harry.


Anyone who met Harry will  know what a charmer he was !!... Mary stood No-chance!... they Married in Winchester in 1954.

Three Sons arrived...Christoper,David & Trevor.

The family lived for many years at

20 R0wlings Road,Weeke,Winchester.



Memories from Mary's Sons:


Mum was never blessed with a daughter but had to endure the mischief of three Boys.


Chris (or Christopher when in trouble) was fascinated by animals and nagged and nagged for a rabbit which he promised to keep cleaned out .

Thumper the rabbit turned out to be the wildest pet ever and Mum ended up looking after it, Mum got attacked by the rabbit every time she went near it leading to a pet ban.


Chris ignored this ban sneaking home white mice which along with newts were hidden under his bed.


Mum soon found these and good telling off ensued and further ban. Many months later newts were found in bedrooms looking for a way out,

sorry Mum!



The brothers continued to worry Mum,disappearing all day bird nesting,collecting frogs and newts.


Every November was the annual worry of... competing with neighbours for the biggest bonfire!!

 This invovled dragging through the estate branches cut down from local woods.

and waste wood from the local building site.

sorry Mum.

One of my (David Crudgington)first memories of Mum was my first day at school.


The day had arrived my first day at School !!

The School in question was Weeke infant school.

After a long morning with crayons and surrounded by other young prisoners, by lunchtime I decided to escape !

 I did a security check of the fences and the small front gate was open!.. so I walked home.


Our house was about 20 minutes from school Mum look surprised to see me back home !!


She said “what are you doing here”...I replied “it’s only half day”..I was an accomplished liar at 5.!


Mum had just begun to make me some dinner,

but unfortunately for me there was a knock on the door , it was the Headmistress she had come to arrest me !!

and return me to school.

I cried all the way back to school...Poor mother ..POOR ME !!

When brothers and I went to school Mum worked part-time selling products for the mail order catalogue club book  ‘ John England’.  


She also worked in various Winchester cafes...’The lite-bite'...'Wilkins' ... 'Cadena Cafés'.’... Mum was very popular with Trevor and I and our friends being very lenient on the payments and the portions she served!!

The charmer...Harry...left Mary shortly after the marriage of Chris & Sarah (1976)


Mum wasn’t very happy about this!!...she missed out on a  ‘Silver wedding anniversary’ by two years...something she would often mention!!

Mary retired at the age of 60.

In later life she fell in love again...this time with Bill.

They enjoyed their twilight days together having many holidays and trips.

As old age took it’s toll Mary became house-bound at Chester Road, then was moved to a Care-home in Winchester ‘Devonish house’.

When this closed Mary was moved to ‘ St Cross Grange’ where she spent her remaining years being cared for by their wonderful staff.

Let’s not be too sad ...Mary started this Dynasty....We all salute you you Mary...!!!



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Mary Crudgington
SO14 1JH  


Mary Crudgington

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