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Prism Windows in Southampton

Southampton : Double Glazing

Welcome to

Prism Window



A  family run company with many years experience in the fabrication

and installation of double glazing products.

                We are proud to provide Liniar window and door systems, they are the most innovative in the market today.

Benefitting from being able to design our systems from first principles and not as upgrades to older systems, we have been able to have an informed idea of what future legislation and industry guidelines might require of future window and door, decking and fencing products. We have a total commitment to ensuring that all our products give our end users unique benefits and advantages over those of our competitors. Our core principles are to design out unnecessary costs, and to design in ease of manufacture, ease of installations, and unique features and benefits for the end users.

All our systems are designed with the following principles in mind:-

  • To be aesthetically pleasing to the end user
  • To be thermally efficient
  • To be safe and secure
  • To meet all existing and known future legislation
  • To be environmentally friendly
  • To design out unnecessary costs
  • To design in ease of manufacture and installation
  • To design in unique features and benefits for the end use
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If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to use the Website Link  below.



We look forward to hearing from you.

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Prism Windows
Unit 3a Herald Industrial Estate  
Hedge End  
SO30 2JW  

Tel: 01489 788210  
Mob: 07770 757060  

Prism Windows
Double Glazing

Prism Windows Website:

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