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M.J. Ritchie in Portsmouth Area

Portsmouth Area : Painter and Decorator

M.J. Ritchie

Decor and Guttering Services



Do you need a Quality Decorator?


For peace of mind, here are 6 good reasons

why you should use me



I am audited, approved and my work is guaranteed for 12 months by Dulux Trade-ensuring good, reliable service

I am an experienced professional- providing quality workmanship

I carry 2 million public liability insurance- for your peace of mind

I use the best quality Dulux Trade products- for a long lasting quality finish

I will respect your property- leaving it secure, clean and tidy.



For further information or to arrange a no obligation quotation

please contact me



If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to use the Website Link below.


Tel: 023 92 296895


Mobile: 07808 181365


Domestic, Commercial and Insurance Work Undertaken


DULUX SELECT Approved Decorator


We look forward to hearing from you.

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M.J. Ritchie
Portsmouth Area  
SO14 1JH  

Tel: 023 92 296895  
Mob: 07808 181365  

M.J. Ritchie
Painter and Decorator

Accreditation Logos

M.J. Ritchie Website:

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